Sammelvorgänge erstellen

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If you combine several activities which are logically connected and need to be finished within the same time frame, you create a summary activity.

Proceed as follows:

1. Create all those activities, that you want to combine, e.g. all marketing activities, by clicking on New activity.

2. Mark each of the activities by pressing Ctrl and clicking on each planning element.

3. Then click the Indent button at the top. This will indent the selected actvities under the upper activity and make it a summary activity.

The summary activity is visualized in the Gantt-chart as a summary bar. If you click on the small arrow left to the summary activities’ name, you can collapse the subordinate activities. 

4. If you want to undo the creation of a summary activity, select all the subordinate activities of the summary activity and click the Outdent button at the top.

ATTENTION The duration of the summary activity is calculated based on the start and end dates of the subordinate activities. I.e. that a summary activity starts on the start date of the earliest subordinate activity and ends on the end date of the latest subordinate activity. If you change the start and/or end dates of the subordinate activities, the duration of the summary activity is automatically adjusted.