NEW: Tasks in Gantt planning - plan more efficiently than ever!

Discover the latest feature of InLoox: Create and manage tasks directly in the project planning, and assign tasks to planning elements like activities or milestones! With this extension, we take your project planning to the next level - easy handling, improved overview and increased efficiency.

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InLoox Gantt-Planung inkl. Aufgaben
Arbeitsplatz in InLoox mit Aufgaben und Stoppuhr-Funktion


Time management: Use the task stopwatch directly in your InLoox workplace

Experience how the new stopwatch integration directly in the InLoox workplace simplifies your day-to-day work. Start time tracking for each task with just one click, directly in the task overview. No detours, no interruptions - just pure efficiency. Optimize your productivity with this smart solution.

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February 13th, 2024 

Tasks in Gantt-Planning

We've all been waiting for it: the tasks in Gantt planning are finally available in InLoox Web App!

This means that you can now seamlessly integrate tasks into your planning overview. You have the option of creating new tasks directly in the Gantt chart, editing them there, or assigning existing tasks from your project that are not yet assigned in the project schedule to the corresponding activities or milestones.

The assignment of tasks to activities in the planning is done via an intuitive drag-and-drop function, directly from the side panel. This user-friendly innovation makes planning and assigning tasks easier and more efficient than ever before, improving the clarity and controllability of your projects.

Nicht zugewiesene Aufgaben in Projektplanung per Drag and Drop zuweisen

You can find detailed instructions on how to use this new deature in the step-by-step guide in our help article: Add tasks to project planning »

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New columns "Resources" and "Effort" in planning

As part of the introduction of tasks in Gantt planning, two new, important columns are now available: "Resources" and "Effort":

Resource allocation at a glance: With the new "Resources" column, you can now see immediately within Gantt planning which team members are assigned to individual tasks. The resources are displayed in cumulative form in the (summary-) activity above the tasks. This feature enables a clear and concise presentation of responsibilities and facilitates resource planning and optimization.
Note Resources cannot be assigned to activities. Only one resource can be assigned to one task each.

Detailed effort estimation: The "Effort" column provides you with information on the estimated effort for each task. For activities with multiple tasks, the effort is automatically aggregated and the total of all tasks is displayed. This integration simplifies the estimation of the total effort for specific tasks and entire projects.

Gantt planning in InLoox: Columns Effort and Resources


New feature in Gantt planning: "As late as possible" constraint

We are pleased to introduce a valuable new option in Gantt planning: the "As late as possible" constraint. This feature has been developed to improve the flexibility and efficiency of your project scheduling.

Increased efficiency in time planning

The "As Late As Possible" constraint allows you to schedule activities to start at the latest possible time without affecting the overall project schedule. This strategic planning option is particularly beneficial for projects where optimal resource utilization and maximum time flexibility are paramount. It allows activities incl. tasks that do not require immediate attention to be planned in such a way that critical resources are kept free and made available for priority activities.

Practical application example

A practical example of the application of this new restriction is the final phase of software development, in particular user acceptance testing (UAT). The "as late as possible" constraint allows the UAT to be strategically positioned at the end of the project schedule. This gives the development team the maximum amount of time to complete and perform internal testing before the product is made available for end-user feedback. This ensures that the software enters the UAT phase with the highest possible quality, ultimately increasing end-user satisfaction and the success rate of the project.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, read our help article: set constraints in project planning »


New features for an optimized workplace

We are pleased to present the latest enhancements to the workplace in InLoox:

Improved daily overview in the "Today" section

In addition to tasks with today's due date, the "Today" section of your workspace now also includes other tasks that are currently ongoing. This new feature allows you to get a comprehensive overview of all upcoming and active tasks to plan and organize your day more effectively.

Direct stopwatch integration for efficient time management

To make time tracking more seamless and accessible, we have integrated the stopwatch function directly into the workplace. A small play icon now appears next to each task, allowing you to start time tracking with just one click without having to open the task first. This simplifies the process considerably and saves you valuable time.

Workplace in InLoox with tasks and stopwatch feature

Sounds interesting? Then also have a look at our help-article: workplace » and help-article: stopwatch »


Improved mobile view of the workplace

With InLoox 11.7 we guarantee an intuitive and user-friendly handling of the workplace on your mobile phone. Navigation and interaction with your tasks in the workplace have been specially optimized for smaller screens, so you can manage tasks effortlessly.

With these improvements, InLoox helps you stay productive on the go. Take a look at your tasks at any time, edit them directly from your mobile device and stay up to date.

InLoox Workplace with tasks in the Mobile View


Mindmaps Update

Refreshing design update for mind maps

With InLoox 11.7, mind maps are receiving a comprehensive design update. Behind the new modern and clear look, there are also technical optimizations that increase the stability and ease of use of our mind maps. You can rely on a smooth experience that supports and encourages your creative processes.

Familiar functionality: While the look of our mind maps has been renewed, the proven functions remain unchanged. You can continue to use the full power of our mind map tools to visually organize your ideas and continue to use them in Gantt planning or Kanban boards.

Mindmaps in InLoox Web App

For anyone who would like to dive deeper into the details of mind maps, we recommend taking a look at our help article on mind maps »


Create clients in project details

For anyone who regularly works with different customers, InLoox 11.7 makes things a lot easier: Imagine you are creating a new project and are on Manage page of the project. When you fill in the "Client" field, you come across a new customer who has not yet been created in InLoox. Previously, you had to contact the administrator (if you were not one yourself) to add a new customer in the settings - a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

With InLoox 11.7, this is a thing of the past. You can now create a new customer directly in the Manage section, as long as you have write access to the Manage page. If you enter a customer name that does not exist in the system, InLoox immediately offers you the option to create a new contact - without having to go via the settings.

Kunde in Projektbetreuung anlegen


Improved task list filter "Done on"

As you know, you can use the Done On (Task) column in the task list to see the date and time a task was completed. You can also use the corresponding filter in advanced mode to display the data in a structured way.

We have now improved this filter, as it now allows you to select entire days. Specifically, you can select a day by clicking on the calendar and then use the filter to display the completed tasks, e.g. before (< Less than) or after (> Greater than) the specific date. This featureis particularly useful for project managers who need a detailed insight into the progress of the project and the distribution of completed tasks over time.

Task list filter: "Done on (task)"


Current year as placeholder for folder structure

Automatically created folder structure: In InLoox 11.7 the current year has been introduced as a dynamic placeholder for the creation of folder structures.

In addition to the already known dynamic placeholders Project name, Project number, Client name, Client number and Division, you can now also use the Current year as a placeholder in the rule for creating the subfolders of the document storage on SharePoint Online or FileShare.

You can read the details in the help article on the document settings here »