Workplace in InLoox Web App

The new version InLoox 11.6 brings exciting new features, including the reintroduction of the popular workspace.

This feature, originally known from InLoox 10, now serves as a central hub when starting InLoox Web App and offers a clear overview of your personal and delegated tasks.

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Der Arbeitsplatz von InLoox Web App im Überblick
Die Bedingte Formatierung in InLoox Web App


Conditional formatting

A great new feature in InLoox 11.6 is the conditional formatting in InLoox Web App. With conditional formatting, rows and fields are automatically colored as soon as specific criteria or conditions occur. This feature therefore has enormous potential for visually transforming your data - and supports the implementation of a traffic light system, for example, to efficiently visualize the status of projects, budgets or other areas.

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January 17, 2024 

Workplace in InLoox Web App

Once you have successfully logged in to the InLoox Web App, you will be taken directly to your workplace.

Under My Tasks, you have a clear view of your personal tasks, including their status, due date and project assignment. This makes it much easier to prioritize and organize your work.
Below this, the workspace offers a separate overview for Delegated Tasks, i.e. tasks that you have assigned to other team members. This allows you to keep an overview of everything

Overview of the InLoox Web App workplace

The integrated filter options offer additional flexibility and control. You can display tasks according to various criteria:

  • Today: Shows all tasks with today's due date and those whose due date has already expired.
  • Overdue: Lists all tasks whose due date has passed and which should therefore be completed urgently.
  • Upcoming: Contains all tasks with a future due date or those without a fixed date.
  • All: A complete overview of all tasks.

My Tasks - Filtered by upcoming tasks

Further details can be found in the corresponding help article workplace »

Info This is the first development stage of the workplace. It will be continuously developed and equipped with further areas and functions in the near future.


Conditional formats in InLoox Web App

Conditional formatting allows you to automatically change the layout of rows and fields in InLoox lists based on specific criteria or conditions.

Areas of application: In InLoox Web App, you can apply conditional formatting to any list (e.g. project list, task list or time tracking list). This feature is particularly useful for structuring project lists more clearly or as an intuitive early warning and traffic light system for critical projects in project controlling. For example, the background of a cell can be automatically colored red if the value in the cell falls below a certain threshold.

How it works: You can call up conditional formats and add a new rule via a button at the top right-hand edge. If you create a new rule, you must first define the conditions and specify a reference value. Then decide on one of the predefined color styles and choose between row-based or field-based color highlighting.

Conditional Formatting in InLoox Web App

You can find specific step-by-step instructions and examples in the help article conditional formats »


Optimized mind maps in InLoox Web App

In InLoox 11.6, we have significantly expanded the mind map functionality in the web app. The well-known functions from InLoox for Windows have been added, including the use of mind map templates, copying mind map nodes into your planning and creating tasks directly from the mind map nodes.

Mind map templates for quick implementation

Save time and effort with mind map templates. If you use certain mind map structures frequently, you can now save them as templates and reuse them in other projects. Saving your customized mind maps in your personal repertoire of templates allows you to use them quickly and effectively in different project contexts.

Mind Map Templates

Mindmap-Planning-Workflow: Copy mind map nodes into the planning

Seamlessly transform your creative ideas and preliminary considerations from mind maps into concrete project plans. With just one click, you can transfer the entire structure of a mind map, including all nodes, to your Gantt chart. The individual nodes are each converted into an activity. This is particularly helpful if the nodes of your mind map correspond to the planning phases of your project.

Mindmap Knoten in die Projektplanung kopieren

Mindmap-Tasks-Workflow: From mind map nodes to tasks

Efficiently create tasks from the nodes of your mind maps and thus optimize the transition from conceptualization to actual implementation.

Starting from the mind map, select the button with the task list and then Copy New Nodes to Tasks. This creates a task for each node of your mind map, which can then be found in the Kanban Board in the left-hand column "To Do". Alternatively, you can also only Copy New Leaf Nodes to Tasks.

Alle Mindmap Knoten oder nur Endknoten in Aufgaben verwandeln

Info You can continue to work on your mind map and transfer newly added nodes to tasks at any time. Thanks to InLoox's intelligent synchronization function, nodes that have already been transferred are recognized and not transferred again, thus avoiding duplicate entries. This keeps your work process efficient and clear at all times.

As always, you can read all the step-by-step instructions in the corresponding help article mind maps »


Print project planning in InLoox Web App

You now have the option of printing the Gantt plan directly from the InLoox Web App. In the print settings, you can define which columns, rows, time ranges and other elements should be included in your printed Gantt chart. This customization allows you to highlight exactly the information that is relevant for your project communication.

Drucken der Gantt-Planung in InLoox Web App

A detailed description of the print settings can be found in the help article print project planning »


Flexible display of timelines with calendar weeks in planning

In the world of project planning, there are two types of people: those who are always aware of which calendar week (CW) they are in, and those who, let's say, pay less attention to it. Regardless of which type you belong to, InLoox 11.6 now offers the perfect display format for every need in your planning.

When you zoom in or out in the timeline, the display format adapts dynamically - from hourly times to days, weekdays, months, quarters and even whole years. A new feature is the display of calendar weeks, which is particularly useful for those who like to organize their planning in a weekly structure.

Anzeige der Kalenderwochen in Gantt-Planung

Tipp Use the combination of the Ctrl key and mouse wheel to navigate through the timeline. This method enables faster and more intuitive navigation in the timeline.


WBS codes from project planning in task list 

Based on many customer requests, we are pleased to introduce you to a useful enhancement in InLoox 11.6: From now on, you can also view the WBS codes (work breakdown structure codes) that you use in your project planning directly in your task list. To do this, show the WBS-code (planning element) column in the task list.

Note for existing plannings: To use this feature with existing project plannings, a brief activation is required. To do this, add a new activity at the top of your planning. This step recalculates the WBS codes and integrates them into the task lists. After this update, you can easily remove the added activity again.

Anzeige des PSP-Code aus Vorgang in Aufgabenliste