Project structuring process

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Transparenz über die zeitliche und logische Abfolge im Projekt

The first and important step of the project management is the scope definition. It is a core process of the project planning. The whole work that is necessary for the product manufacturing, is, therefore, defined and detailed described. The project team can comprehend what must be done; the planning effort is optimized, the control method for the project is chosen and the momentum of the project is developed.

The sub-units are structured and the transparency about the objective and temporal overall project is created. As a result the basic is created for the division of the work in the project. The scope definition focuses on the “product” or “work schedules”. The first element is a product-oriented structural plan or the product bill of material. The second one is a development-oriented structural plan. The both plans can run parallel or mutual in some projects and are a combination of two orientations. The scope definition is normally the first step in the project planning process and creates the foundation of the whole panning process. The project planning can probably be unsuccessful, if the process of the scope definition is poorly executed.

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