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Unerledigte Aufgaben im Projekt stellen den Backlog dar

A backlog is a term that has its roots in the agile project management method and describes a set of tasks which a project team has yet to do to complete a project. Tasks or work packages can be already assigned to specific human resources or will be assigned later on. A project backlog should be sorted starting with the most important tasks to tasks that might be less important, but are still necessary for project completion.

The backlog allows project team members to see which tasks need to be done and how much time they intend to spend on each task. This method is frequently used in software development projects and by helpdesk teams. Incoming support requests (also called “tickets”) and bug reports go into the backlog for the team to work through them. This can be done on a first-come-first-serve basis or by sorting issues according to their importance. This task management method works well for both scheduled and unscheduled tasks. 

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