New licensing model for the InLoox product line

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Munich, November 25th 2010InLoox has presented its new licensing model for the InLoox product line. With the introduction of the product update InLoox 6.6 and the mobile web client “InLoox Web App”, the software producer offers as of now an additional Named-User-Licensing for workgroups. The existing Machine Licenses are still valid and new Machine Licenses are still available.

Up until now, workgroups had to purchase for each computer at which they wanted to use InLoox a separate Machine License. The new licensing model provides licensing per single named user. This meets the needs of the majority of the InLoox customers, as most of the users work at several devices and they switch for example between a desktop and a notebook computer.

Single users

There is no change in the InLoox licensing model for single users. Single users have the choice between “InLoox Personal” and “InLoox Personal Plus”. “InLoox Personal Plus” is the new name of the former “InLoox Personal Notebook Edition (NE)”, the single workplace version for the use of InLoox in Outlook at two computers without a shared project database. The prices for “InLoox Personal” and “InLoox Personal Plus” remain unchanged and are at 390 resp. 490 euros.


Project teams that would like to use InLoox in workgroups can still choose between InLoox Workgroup Server and InLoox Enterprise Server.

For InLoox Workgroup Server there are now additionally Named-User-Licenses available. Outlook users, who use several computers, for example a desktop and a notebook computer, will in this case only need one User License instead of previously two Machine Licenses. The prices for “InLoox Outlook User-Licenses” are those of the Machine Licenses. The cost is 390 euros per user. InLoox still offers the opportunity to use and to purchase Machine Licenses. Machine Licenses are more economic if different project members take turns at one computer with InLoox, for example because they work part time. By a combination of Machine- and Named-User-Licensing, InLoox customers can put together their licenses with great flexibility and according to their needs. InLoox Workgroup Server is still limited to the maximum of 50 users resp. computers within Microsoft Outlook.

Large workgroups, web access

If InLoox is supposed to be used in workgroups of any size, InLoox Enterprise Server is recommended. This network version is also the requirement for the use of “InLoox Web App”, the new mobile web client. With “InLoox Web App”, project teams can connect for mobile project work via the Internet. This opens up completely new application options. For 290 euros, “InLoox Web User”-Licenses are available to users who use InLoox exclusively in a web browser. A combined use of InLoox in Outlook and “InLoox Web App” is possible with the new “InLoox Universal User”-License. The price is 490 euros per user.

Upgrade for existing customers

Customers who already deploy InLoox Workgroup Server and would like to use the new web client should first convert their existing Workgroup Server with “InLoox Workgroup to Enterprise Server Upgrade” to an Enterprise Server. The price for the upgrade is 500 euros. Customers with InLoox Enterprise Server have several options to license users for “InLoox Web App”. Besides the purchase of Web and Universal User-Licenses, existing licenses can be upgraded with the “InLoox Outlook to Universal User Upgrade”. Then the respective users can use InLoox in Outlook as well as on the web. The upgrade requires an existing InLoox Machine- resp. User-License for Outlook and costs 100 Euros per user.

On the official product website, the producer offers at a selection guide which supports customers to find the suitable license type.

About InLoox

The InLoox company was founded in 1999 in Munich and develops the professional-standard project management software, which bears the same name and is the company’s flagship product. It is fully integrated in Microsoft Outlook to streamline and accelerate business processes. More than 25,000 users in over 1,300 companies from all sectors of business, including more than 20% of the companies listed on the German DAX technology stock exchange, have put their trust in the know-how of InLoox. Well-known customers of InLoox include Charité Berlin, German Red Cross, Fraunhofer IWU, Hoffmann Group, Leonardo, Minol Messtechnik, Schenker Deutschland, SEAT, Siemens, SOS Kinderdörfer, Telecom Liechtenstein, and many more.