Create a report

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At the push of a button, the highly flexible report designer issues reports such as project summaries, budget lists, expense reports and plan/actual comparisons in a variety of file formats like HTML, PDF, RTF and many more.

Do the following to issue a report in InLoox PM Web App:

  1. Click Reports tab in the Project page that is also the home page.
  2. In the Reports group, click Create Report.
  3. In the New Report dialog box, on the Report tab, in the Selection area, choose Selected projects, All projects or Projects matching.
  4. Activate the control boxes you need, if you have chosen Projects matching.

  5. Optionally you can filter the report data in this dialog box.

    For more information see Filter the report data.

  6. In the Report Format area, from the drop-down list choose the the output format, e.g. PDF, RTF or HTML.
  7. Optionally you can save a report for quick access.

    For more information see Manage the saved reports.

  8. Click OK to issue a report after you have made all changes you want.

Send a report via email to your colleaques. In the Display Report dialog box click Send report as email. For more information see Select project team members, in a Send an email message section.