Manage budget documents for templates

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Add, change or delete the budget documents in the InLoox PM options. The recurring budget positions can be added to this budget documents.

To manage the templates you need the InLoox PM Web App administrator permissions.

  1. Open the dialog box InLoox PM options.

    For more information, where you can find the InLoox PM options, see Open the InLoox PM options.

  2. Click Budgets in the navigation pane and then click Budget Templates. Below you will see the Budget documents area:

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Add a new budget document template by clicking New.
      • In the Budget Template dialog box choose a budget type in the Type drop-down list
      • Select the Visible for all users control box, if you want to have this option.
      • Type a new name in the Name field.
      • You can add a position by clicking New. Change the budget positions list by clicking Edit, Delete, Up or Down. Click OK after you made all changes you wanted.

        For the detailed description about the features in the New Budget Position / Edit Budget Position dialog box, see Create and edit a budget position.

    • Edit the already existing budget document template in the Budget documents list. Choose one from the list and click Edit. In the Budget Template dialog box you can make changes you want (see the first point).
    • Remove the budget document template from InLoox PM Web App by clicking Delete.
  4. Click Save & Close in the navigation pane to save the changes.