Here you can find InLoox in Outlook

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InLoox on the home tab

You work with Microsoft Outlook most of the day, this is why we want to make sure that you can easily access InLoox directly from within Microsoft Outlook. Therefore your Microsoft Outlook home tab is supplemented by additional InLoox options:

  • Work with the InLoox tab and comfortably switch between software modules:

    Tab InLoox 11

  • You can access four InLoox features on the home tab: 

    InLoox options on the Home tab


InLoox in the side panel

The InLoox folder structure is also included in the Outlook side panel on the left of the window.

You can find the InLoox folder below your Inbox.

Here you can find InLoox in Outlook in the tree structure


InLoox settings

Click on file to access the options.

You can find the InLoox settings above the Outlook options, recognizable by the InLoox logo to the left of it.

Here you can find the InLoox Settings

Clicking on it will take you to the web app, from where the settings can be managed centrally.