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InLoox Apps

InLoox Mobile App

InLoox Mobile App for iOS & Android

Get the InLoox Mobile App for your iOS or Android device and keep track of your projects, tasks, documents and times - anywhere, anytime.

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InLoox Web App

InLoox Web App

InLoox Web App is the online project platform of InLoox: Create project plans, manage your personal and delegated tasks, edit documents and much more - all in your web browser.

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Microsoft Office Integrations

InLoox Integration: Microsoft Office 365

InLoox was developed for Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). Integrating InLoox into the Office universe makes Microsoft the central platform on which users work together on a daily basis. 

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InLoox Integrations: Microsoft Outlook Online


InLoox for Outlook is seamlessly integrated into the Outlook user interface. The project software enables you to plan projects, create tasks out of emails and delegate the tasks, manage documents, track times and much more - without leaving Outlook. 

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft SharePoint & SharePoint Online


InLoox has an interface to Microsoft SharePoint. InLoox users benefit from the document management and workflow possibilities offered by SharePoint. Particularly cross-departmental project teams can collaborate more easily thanks to InLoox's integration with SharePoint. 

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft OneDrive for Business


InLoox also has an interface to Microsoft OneDrive for Business. The big advantage of the integration: You can map your familiar document structure directly in InLoox. As soon as documents of folders are updated, InLoox synchronizes the changes.

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft Project

MS Project

InLoox users can import Microsoft Project planning templates into InLoox - this makes transitioning from Project to InLoox easy and straightforward. You can immediately continue your project work: Add resources, link documents, track times, manage budgets and more.

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InLoox Integrations: Microsoft Teams


Exclusively for InLoox now!

With the InLoox integration for Microsoft Teams, you access all important project information directly from your channels. Pin relevant project areas, such as tasks, budgets or planning, as tabs to your channels and edit the data directly in Teams.

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft Excel


Have you been planning your projects with Excel and want to import your project plans to InLoox? It's as easy as copy and paste! Just copy your activities or workpackages in Excel, paste them into the InLoox planning and continue your project work from there. 

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InLoox Integrations: Microsoft Power BI

Power BI

Via the open API you can link InLoox with Power BI and edit and visualize your InLoox data directly in the program.  You can easily create individual reports and dashboards for your InLoox projects, which enable you to identify trends in advance and make better decisions.

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InLoox Integrations: Microsoft Flow

Power Automate

Thanks to the open InLoox API, you can automate certain InLoox project processes with the help of Microsoft Power Automate - via drag-and-drop and without any programming skills. You can easily define an automatic workflow for incoming project mails or project proposals.

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Microsoft Server & Services

InLoox Integration: Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange Server

InLoox accesses the company-wide Exchange address book, so users can add their Exchange contacts as resources for tasks. You can also synchronize your Microsoft Exchange calendar with InLoox for comprehensive resource management. Exchange calendar events such as holidays or employee out-of-office times can be displayed in InLoox and dacilitate work management.

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft Azure


The SaaS solution InLoox now! is based on Microsoft Azure Germany. Users access InLoox as a virtual project management platform and thus avoid the effort required to operate their own server infrastructure. Project data is stored in datacenters in Germany and complies 100% with GDPR regulations. 

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft Windows Server

Windows Server

The Windows Server is an operating system for servers which acts as a domain controller. It allows you to connect desktops to a shared network and you can use it as a terminal server to install and manage InLoox on remotely. InLoox is compatible with Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2. 

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server

InLoox PM, the on-premise solution, is designed for Microsoft SQL Server. It provides the basis for the best performance of InLoox. In the beginning it is sufficient for InLoox users to use the free Microsoft SQL Express Edition. However, an upgrade to the full version of Microsoft SQL Server is recommended, otherwise InLoox users will not be able to use the offline feature.

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InLoox Integration: Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services)

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

With the Windows Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services) you can make InLoox available on several workstations at the same time. This has the advantage that InLoox only has to be installed once on the central terminal server and can then be managed remotely.

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InLoox Integration: Internet Information Services (IIS)

Internet Information Services (IIS)

The Internet Information Services is a web server from Microsoft that runs on Windows systems and it allows you to share and deliver InLoox project information across your local area networks (intranet) and wide area networks (internet). 

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InLoox Integrations: Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory 

You don't have to import contacts from your Active Directory (AD) to InLoox - you can directly access your AD directory in InLoox. So you don't have to maintain two address directories and can work more efficiently.

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InLoox Integration: Active Directory Federation Services

Active Directory Federation Services 

If you work with Office 365, then you can also easily access your AD directory in InLoox. This saves you administration and maintenance effort and you can also access your AD in your projects.

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InLoox API

InLoox offers an open Application Programming Interface (API), which enables data exchange between InLoox and other systems, such as SAP, ERP, CRM, Salesforce and more -so you can easily integrate InLoox into your existing processes and systems

InLoox API Documentation

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