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"InLoox is the ideal add-on for Microsoft Outlook. It improves internal communication, makes teamwork a lot easier and team meetings have become more efficient. At the end of the day, we can leave the office knowing that all the projects and tasks that occupied our minds are saved digitally in InLoox and are accessible for every team member. You can truly let go and enjoy the evening.”

Elmar Plüntsch, CEO


"InLoox is a great product that is fully integrated in Outlook and fits in seamlessly with day-to-day work. Behind the product is an expert sales and support team, who are always ready to help whenever you need them – this provides additional value to an already exceptional product."

Santosh Pursad


"In the course of preparing our decision, we looked at a number of project management systems. Only one was integrated into Microsoft Outlook and no other was as simple to use. So our decision in favour of InLoox was made very easily”

Volker Deiß, quality assurance manager


“We’re turning into real InLoox power users. I’m 100% convinced of the tool, even though I feel as if I’m only making use of about half of its possibilities.” 

Laurent Brückner, CEO Brückner Architekten


"InLoox is German quality work. If all add-ons were so quickly available (Outlook version), worked so flawlessly and provided such competent and friendly support, our customers would no longer need our services as IT consultants…"   

Martin Nigg, managing director


“The software is really easy to integrate in our existing IT infrastructure. We are fully aware that at the moment, we are only using a fraction of the software’s potency. However, acceptance among our staff is so good that we will integrate InLoox PM 8 for Outlook throughout the company, continuing to learn as we adopt the software.”

Josef Dusini, head of contract management


“I have been using InLoox with enthusiasm for several years now.”

Ernst Lang, CEO Lang GmbH


“We have tested different products but after just a few days InLoox proved to be the right solution. We were convinced by the intuitive user interface of the software and its outstanding integration in Microsoft Outlook” 

Sören Scheffler, group leader


"We went for InLoox because of the functionality, the ease of use and the integration with Microsoft Outlook, which guaranteed efficient project management"

Gerd Rodenbüsch, proprietor


“No other product is that seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook, lives up to all of our expectations and is that easy to handle.” 

Andreas Kronsteiner, head of IT


"Because of a cramped schedule, the testing phase had to be kept very short. And yet we operation was up and running over night. I'd had to act quickly but I was willing to put my trust in InLoox." 

Jörg Becker, general manager


"We have InLoox up and running. Once again I would like to thank InLoox for the uncomplicated support. It's surprising how easy things can be resolved sometimes..."

Niels van Quaquebeke, University of Hamburg

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"InLoox is the right project management system for all our assignments, being flexible, straightforward and logical to operate. InLoox adjusts itself to the company's workflow, increasing the transparency and effectiveness of projects both by 60% and 20% compared to the past."

Joachim Boenisch, general manager


“We demanded a software simple-to-use, yet suitable for project management in an enterprise environment. Lengthy training sessions for our 300 users throughout the organization would have been way too costly”

Gerhard Bauer, IT division leader


"InLoox project management software complements our existing Microsoft environment perfectly. Features that were missing before, such as setting and monitoring tasks and dates in Outlook, are now available to us thanks to InLoox. This also enables us to collaborate internationally and cross-enterprise. Acquiring InLoox was a major step forward for us."

Günther Messerschmid


"This runs like clockwork! Thank you very much."

Malte Wüsthoff, quality management


“I would like to thank you for your prompt support. Everything is now back in working order. This is confirms again that we’ve found the right partner in InLoox.” 

Adrian Wohler


"I had an opportunity to use your software briefly, and in my opinion it’s one of the best products on the market for project management software integrated in MS Outlook!" 

Steve T. Marquez


"If you work with Outlook, InLoox will make you feel at home instantly."

Christian Rechmann, managing director


"I finally get a chance to thank you. Thanks a lot for your quick assistance! As per usual, the support was professional, friendly and competent.”

Claus Biedermann


„InLoox is an excellent alternative to other project management software tools. It has the advantage that it is directly integrated into MS Outlook. It’s basically a single control center for projects, deadlines, contacts and tasks“.

René Winter, management consultant


"I had a look at InLoox and I think the various implemented concepts are really great. You just know that the people who developed this had solid project management knowledge."

Michael Enggist, consultant

In the Press 


"It would be an understatement to call InLoox a mere Outlook add-on, because it offers essential features for enterprise-level project management. InLoox is extremely easy to use because it’s fully integrated into a software that you already use all day, every day.” 

cnet January 19, 2010


"You couldn’t find a better Outlook/Exchange-integrated solution."

IT Magazine May 22, 2009

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