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Our product videos provide a brief overview of our Outlook integrated client InLoox PM for Outlook and the online client InLoox PM Web App. The InLoox product tutorials offer step-by-step instructions on how to work with the software and explains the most important features.

Tutorials for InLoox PM 8




How to Create a New Project

Create a new project with InLoox PM 8 and use the management form

How to Create a Mind Map

Visually collect and organize ideas in a mind map

How to Use Work Packages

Learn more about the Kanban view in InLoox PM 8

How to Create a Project Plan

Learn more about how to create a Gantt chart in InLoox PM 8

How to Change the Language

Learn how to switch to another language in InLoox PM 8

How to Display the System Information

See with which InLoox PM version you are working and use this information when sending a support request

InLoox product videos




InLoox - The Project Management Software for Outlook, Web & Smartphone

The official InLoox product film gives you an overview of the most important features and benefits

InLoox PM 8 for Outlook

Overview of the most important
InLoox PM 8 for Outlook features

InLoox PM 7 Web App

Overview of the most important
InLoox PM 7 Web App features

Tutorials for InLoox PM 7 users




Activate the InLoox PM 7
full version

Entering the valid license key

Create projects

Create a new project
with InLoox PM 7

Create a mind map and
a project plan

Structure project ideas with
a mind map and set
a time schedule

Create time tracking entries
and store documents

Record time expenditure and
manage project documents

Create a project budget
and a report

Calculate project costs and
create a graphical report

Use the InLoox PM 7 views

Change and create InLoox PM 7 views

InLoox PM system information

Display the system information
of InLoox PM

Tutorials for InLoox 7 Mobile Apps





InLoox 7 Mobile App for Android

How to manage projects on your Android phone.

InLoox 7 Mobile App for iPhone

Manage projects with your iPhone.

InLoox tutorials for administrators




InLoox PM database installation 

Installation of a Microsoft SQL
Server 2008 R2 Express and
publishing the InLoox PM database

InLoox PM installation
with a MySQL database

Installation of a MySQL database
and publishing the InLoox PM
Database on it

InLoox PM Web App

Installating of InLoox PM Web App
on windows server 2008 R2

a Microsoft SQL
Server installation

Configuration hints for the
Microsoft SQL Server when
connection problems exist
on the client.

Changing the database
connection using InLoox
System Manager

Changing the database
connection without
reinstalling InLoox PM

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