How to edit the InLoox PM 8 contacts view

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The contact view displays all existing address books and their contacts. It also provides with different features to comfortably manage contacts and address books.

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Work with the contact list

  1. On the Outlook Ribbon, click the InLoox PM tab.
  2. On the InLoox PM Ribbon, in the Views group, click Contacts.

    In Outlook 2007, click InLoox PM Folder in the InLoox PM Toolbar and then Contacts in the InLoox PM project list.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Create a new contact  In the New group, click New Contact.

      For more information, see Add a contact.

    • Edit a contact  Choose a contact from the list and click Edit in the Actions group.
    • Delete a contact  Remove one contact by clicking Delete in the Delete group.
    • Filter the contact information  Click Filter in the Current View group.
    • To learn how to work with the filter, see Search and find projects, the Use filters section.
    • Print the contact list  In the Current View group, click Print to start the quick print feature of the contact list.

      For more information about printing, see Print the project list.

    • Refresh  By clicking the Refresh button in the Current View group, all changes are updated and the view is reloaded.
    • Create a new address book and manage it  In the Contact group, click Address book and choose from the drop-down list Manage Address Book.

      For more information, see Add, manage and delete an address book.

Features in the contact list

The following features can be found in the contact list:

Features in the context menu

The context menu provides you with almost all basic features that can also be found on the InLoox PM Ribbon, such as New contact, Edit..., Delete and Refresh. It also provides features such as Switch to Project List  and Show Filter. Right-click in the list to open the context menu.

For more information about the filter feature, see Search and find projects.

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