How to customize notification templates | InLoox PM 8

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Notifications enable the communication of project information. You can send them to those resources, whom the project planner wants to inform automatically.

InLoox PM 8 provides you with various kinds of notifications for work packages, planning elements, documents and notes. Resources can receive information via email, task request or InLoox PM 8 reminder. The notification templates contain predefined text elements which can be changed, deleted or modified.

  1. Open the dialog box InLoox PM Options.

    For more information, about where to find the InLoox PM options, please see Open the InLoox PM options.

  2. Below Notifications, clickTemplates. On the right side you see the Notification list area.

  3. Choose one of the following options:
    • Edit the notification text by clicking Design. In the InLoox PM Notification Designer, you can make the respective changes.

      For more information on how to work with the InLoox PM Notification Designer, see Designer Help, which you can find there.

    • Save a template in your local documents. To do this, choose one template from the list and click Export.
    • Click Download to download the planning templates from the InLoox website.
    • Activate one of the following control boxes in the columns Email, Task request or Appointment request. This way you define the type of the notification.
    • Deactivate the template in the line, e.g. Work Package -Done in the certain area. Such deactivated template cannot be used in the project anymore.
  4. Click OK or Apply to save the changes in InLoox PM.

For a detailed description of the different notification types, please see Customize notification types.