InLoox PM 7

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InLoox PM 7.6.4 (October 29th 2013)

- Fixed issue in planning notification
- Fixed issues in french translation
- Fixed issue in document preview
- Improved performance in budget and manage section
- Fixed issue when exporting reports as Micorsoft Word
- Fixed issue when importing planning templates
- Fixed issue in budget permission
- Fixed stack overflow under Office 2007
- Fixed issue when saving custom fields in budget positions
- Fixed issue when loading project contacts
- Fixed "Null Reference Exception" when sending notifications

InLoox PM 7.6.2 (May 27th 2013)

New Features:

- Add new relations Mindmap.Nodes.Documents, Planning.Documents, and Time Tracking.Documents to report designer



- Translate missing Italian, French, Spain and Russian language labels

- Fix time tracking permission bug

- Fix repaint bug in Outlook 2003/2007 tasks

- Fix “Object reference not set to an instance of an object“

- Fix bug while grouping start date in global time tracking list

InLoox PM 7.6.1 (April 17th 2013)


- Improved memory usage
- Improved performance to Oracle databases

- Corrected translations
- Fixed issue if no standard printer has been configured
- Fixed issue regarding defective views in newly created databases
- Fixed stop watch issue when time has been booked from paused state
- Fixed issue in project notes which caused project notes to be always displayed in default font and style
- Fixed problem which didn’t save view of work package list
- Fixed problem which set the provision date of an time tracking entry to the current date while coping to a different project using multi selection
- Fixed permission issue while booking time tracking entries using the work package list

InLoox PM 7.6 (March 1st 2013)

New Features:

- Add MS Windows 8 (32/64 Bit) support

- Add MS Office 2013 (32/64 Bit) support

- Add InLoox PM view only license

- Improved project dialog performance

- Improved Outlook start behavior

- Improved address book performance

- Add contact migration feature

- Add new command parameters for silent terminal server installation available (LOG, TERMINALSERVER, VISIBLEALL)



- System date format with two digit year supported correctly

- Work package list now updated on outlook startup correctly

- Mind map node dialog now locked correctly in read only mode

- Suppress locking if dialogs are opened in read only mode

- Fix Outlook hang while saving mind map with custom fields

- Fix exception while exporting mind map with custom fields

- Fix history refresh interval

- Modify scroll behavior in address book dialog

- Document preview not updated if preview panel is not visible

- New Time tracking entries linked to activities are initialize with resource costs

- Activity fields in time tracking item now locked correctly

- Fix preview handler exception in 32bit outlook

- Fix exception in project recycler dialog

- Enter opens planning dialog in Gantt view

- Fix close behavior in document copy progress dialog

InLoox PM 7.5.1 (February 2nd 2013)


InLoox PM 7.5 (December 21st 2012)

New Features:


InLoox PM 7.1 (March 2nd 2012)

New Features:


InLoox PM 7.0.4 (December 9th 2011)


InLoox PM 7.0.3 (November 15th 2011)


-          Fixed issue in budget migration from Version 6 to Version 7.

-          Fixed locking issue in budget section if two or more users are accessing the budget.

-          Fixed issue which sent out notifications when opening the resource overview.

-          Fixed issue where users were not able to filter by skills in the Contact-Dialog (Outlook 2003).

-          Planning lag will no longer be lost when exporting to MS Project 2010.

-          Document folder will now be updated automatically.

InLoox PM 7.0.2 (November 9th 2011)

New Features:

-          It is now possible to add multiple license keys during the installation.

-          Planning templates can now be imported via Drag&Drop.

-          The tracked time can now be booked while closing Outlook.


-          Fixed issue during the update of a MySQL database.

-          Fixed issue which caused the activities to be set at the project start after an upgrade from version 6 to version 7.

-          Performance and memory usage have been improved.

-          Fixed issue which prevented the outlook process from being terminated.

-          Fixed issue which caused incorrect times from the stop watch.

-          Fixed issue which caused that nothing is displayed within the resource overview.

InLoox PM 7.0.1 (October 21st 2011)

Following features have been implemented with InLoox PM 7.0.1:

- User Interface:

Planning section:

Document overview:

- Time tracking using the stop watch

The display of the activities within the time tracking dialog has been matched the planning for a better overview.

- Creating new folders within the project structure has been improved:

- The resource overview is now completely integrated in Outlook as a view. No modal window will be opened anymore.

- Email templates are now customizable:

The latest version of the report designer has been implemented.

- The Skill-Management System has been implemented:

- Multi selection and multi edit has been implemented in the following sections:

- The resource overview start from within the project has been redesigned inspired by the Outlook 2010 Ribbon Design.

- Microsoft Project 2010 support has been implemented.

- MySQL 5.5 support has been implemented

- Budget overview: