New project planning and scheduling features

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Global Calendar

The Global InLoox Calendar shows you summary activities, activities and milestones from all your projects in one unified calendar view. See at a glance what is pending in your projects for the coming days.

Globaler Kalender

Please see the regarding chapter for an in-depth description of the Global Calendar with all features.

Comprehensive planning view

Mehr Übersicht - Planung

We slimmed down the user interface of the Gantt planning to give you a better overview. Tooltips explain any details of your project plan.

To have a look at the tooltip, move the mouse over the regarding activity bar in the Gantt plan to see the name of the activity, its start and end date, the duration and the effort at a glance.

Publication of planning elements

You can now reuse single planning elements for other projects – e.g. for integrating elements of an annual plan into a department’s project.

Veröffentlichen von Planungselementen

Please see the chapter Publication of planning elements to learn how to use planning elements in other projects and to learn more about the effects.

Fixed due dates for activities

If activities in the Gantt plan have to be finished at a certain due date, e.g. for an important presentation, you can now set this date directly in the project’s schedule.

Open the regarding project and click on the Planning button on the Start tab in the Ribbon. Mark the activity for which you want to set a specific due date in the Gantt plan. Then click on the Edit tab on the Edit button in the Ribbon. In the side panel on the right, you’ll find the

Fester Endtermin: Icon

 icon in the time frame section. Click on it and select the regarding due date from the calendar.

Feste Endtermine für Vorgänge