The document list in a project

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You can drop all important documents regarding your project in the document list. How to open the document list of a project:

1. Click on the InLoox PM or InLoox now tab and then click on Projects.

2. Double-click to open an existing project.

3. To open the document list, click on Documents in the Start tab. 

Die Dokumentenliste


Features on the Edit tab

Funktionen auf der Registerkarte Bearbeiten

For more information on user permissions browse the articles how to set user permissions and user permission options.


Features in the View tab

Funktionen auf der Registerkarte Ansicht


Features on the Settings tab

The Settings tab in InLoox now! has a different design than in InLoox PM. Reason for this are the different storage places. In InLoox PM your documents are saved on your file or SharePoint server, whereas in InLoox now! the documents are stored in the cloud.

In InLoox PM

Funktionen auf der Registerkarte Einstellungen

For more information on the document folder path, see Save and edit the document folder path (Only for InLoox PM).


In InLoox now!

The Settings tab in InLoox now! only displays the occupied storage capacity in the cloud as a percentage.

Die Registerkarte Einstellungen in InLoox now!


Features in the context menu

The context menu provides you with all important core features that are also included in the Ribbon. To open the context menu right-click on any point in the document list. 

Das Kontextmenü


Information rules

Document folder view

Preview area