How to use the workload diagram | InLoox PM 8

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The load chart provides a central overview of the allocation of all relevant resources that is always up-to-date.

To open the resource overview, do one of the following:

In this case, the Resource Overview loads resources system-wide.

 In Outlook 2007, click Extras in the InLoox PM Toolbar and choose Resource Overview from the list.

You can also load the resource overview for a specific project. For more information, please see Call up and manage resources.

You can adjust the utilization view and add any resources from the Divisions and Teams side panel.

  1. In the View group, click Divisions and Teams to invokes this side panel.
  2. Select a division or a team and drag it into the utilization view.
  3. In the view the group utilization is now displayed.
  4. Via Drag& Drop you can also remove the selected division or team back to the side panel.
  5. Show and hide resources in the utilization overview by clicking Planning symbol .
     To learn how to add the resources to the departments or teams, see Adjust the division structure and Add resources.

The following features are available:

You can edit several entries in the load chart at the same time by clicking the respective entries while holding down the CTRL key. Then right-click to open the context menu and perform the required action.