How to add and edit budget positions | InLoox PM 8

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In the project, in the Start tab, in the Section group, click Budgets  to open the Budgets page. On the right side of this page you will see the budget positions list. The following features of the budget positions list are available:

Features on the Budget Positions tab

Features on the View tab

Features on the Templates tab

Information rules in the budget positions list

Features in the context menu

The context menu provides you with almost all basic features that are also on the InLoox PM Ribbon, such as New Budget Position, Edit Position, Delete Position, Generate Actual Revenue, Copy and Paste, Expand and Collapse All Groups, Move Up and Down. It has also such feature as Status, where you can define whether the budget is Not billed, Billed or Note billable. You can also create an invoice via Generate Actual Revenue. Right-click in the budget positions list to open the context menu.

Keyboard shortcut

You have no read permissions, if the lock icon is displayed in the list. In this case no item will be displayed.