How to create project categories and assign them to a group | InLoox PM 7

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Project Grouping | InLoox PM 7

Group the projects with InLoox PM 7 according to the different criteria. This feature makes easier the project management and allows project information to be found quickly.

Follow these steps below to group your projects:

  1. Click the InLoox PM tab on the Outlook Ribbon and then Timeline.

    In Outlook 2003/2007, click InLoox PM Folder in the InLoox PM Toolbar and then Timeline in the InLoox PM project list.

  2. On the InLoox PM Ribbon, on the Start tab, in the Timeline details group, click Group.
  3. In the Group by dialog box, perform one or more of the following actions:

    • Group items by  Choose a group field from the following groups: Start date, End date, Categories, Progress, Priority, Project number, Project name, Client or Fixed deadline.
      Then, the projects will be grouped by the selected field.
    • Ascending / descending  Choose if you want to group in ascending or descending order.
    • Then by  You have the option to group by four fields.
    • Show last group as row header  This option creates a title column by the last group field.
  4. Click OK or Reset, if you don't want to save the changes.