Advantages for project directors

InLoox PM supports the whole process of project planning without media discontinuities.

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Reliable planning

Create project plans with which you can meet specific deadlines and budgets and make an optimum use of your resources. InLoox PM supports the whole process of project planning without media discontinuities. InLoox PM provides functions such as project kickoffs, project communication, brainstorming methods like mind mapping, comfortable visual time planning with Gantt diagrams, delegation of work packages and an overview of resource utilization by not only taking projects into account, but also all calendar events, such as meetings, absences or out-of-office appointments from Microsoft Exchange Server.

Receiving feedback

A lack of feedback from the involved resources is a common problem of conventional project software. InLoox PM, however, uses a feedback channel which is highly accepted by its end-users - Microsoft Outlook. The information for the completion of work packages or tasks is directly drawn from the calendar or the task list. InLoox PM assigns the efforts automatically and instantly to the project plan which thus is updated promptly and without any extra effort. With InLoox PM, you stay informed at any time, whether in the office or on the go with InLoox PM Web App.

Assessing progress

InLoox PM visualizes and condenses information at the level of individual projects and in a consolidated overview in InLoox PM Dashboard. With intelligent plan-actual-comparisons, multi-project-management becomes comfortable and controllable. You can easily track delay warnings, for example out of the project list. It is easy to see in the comfortable drill-down-views, which particular step is affected. Automatic graphic representations of costs and mile stone trends enable you to identify deadline or budget problems in advance and to react in good time.

Initiating measures

Meet your challenges by integrated project communication. Memos, e-mails and reports can be easily and comfortably created with InLoox PM, directly out ot Microsoft Outlook. Take countermeasures in good time against negative trends by streamlining project time plans, re-planning resources, increasing manpower and adjusting budgets. In case of changes to the original plan InLoox PM communicates the new basic data automatically to the involved resources if you wish - for example by e-mail, calendar or task request.